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Golden Bird LLC seeks to acquire one privately held company. After the acquisition and a flexible transition period, we will assume active management of the company with a commitment to its continued success.

We are interested in the following criteria:
-History of positive and recurring cash flows
-Stable or growing industry with limited cyclicality
-Low to moderate customer concentration
-Experienced and motivated employees committed to remaining with the company


Since making the decision to sell a business is never easy, we want owners to know that we will dedicate all of our resources to understanding what makes your company special and transition that knowledge to the ongoing operations of the company. We are committed to preserving your legacy and cultivating the relationships with customers, employees and the local community that you worked so hard to build.

Because our approach is unique, we can offer flexible terms to meet your individual needs and circumstances, including when and how to transition management of the company. We guarantee strict confidentiality throughout the process.

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